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The company Ça Sent le Roussi was created in 2011 by a group of artists whose sole whish was to share with the audience their passion for circus and performance.


This whish brought to life numerous performances, starting from unicycle street show, through digital magic of LED lights, and finishing with spectacular fire performances.




It all starts with the arrival of the dream sellers.
Those, used to long journeys, had transformed all their possesions so that everything could be folded up and transported easily.
They unfold their paraphernalia and take the place in the street, ready to amaze you with their glittering automatons.


Pyrotechnical circus show for outdoors
20-25 minutes - 4 artists

Deux gars une flamme

This is THE show for all the lovers of audacious juggling!

Seeking some good fun?

This show is meant for you!

Wish to marvel at skillful acrobatics?

This show is definitely for you!

No matter who you are or where you're from - as long as you have
a throat for cheering, two hands for clapping and a pair of eyes for admiring – THIS SHOW IS JUST FOR YOU!


Pyrotechnical circus show for outdoors

25 minutes - 2 or 3 artists

LED's there be light


They are coming from hot, coming into the cold…

Always seeking the light, never losing the faith.

They are all dressed in white but they stay in the dark,

They are so fun and light,

For you, they play tonight: "LED's there be light"!


LED juggling show for indoors or outdoors

10 minutes - 2 artists



Is the night too dark? 
To light it up, two or three circus artists will propose several juggling performances programmed in the colors of your event, to make it unique. They will take part in the party, adapting to the place and music of your choice!

LED juggling show for indoors or outdoors
3x 10 minutes - 2 or 3 artists


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Disco Clubs!

If you too miss the bell-bottoms and sequins, dance steps and LPs, well you don’t need to long for them anymore! Here they come again, brought back to life by the two disco stars: Tony with his wild hip swing (which he taught to Travolta) and Mister Vega with his sensual and virile voice… Mrrr!

You will have to assume your most kitschy tastes, even if it means assuming them on the dance floor.

We trust you to keep up with the Saturday night fever - because it is you who choose the music!


Street show for indoors or outdoors

25 minutes - 2 artistes

Disco Clubs 2L.jpg

Video coming soon


A circular ode to the traditional circus.

Three lovers of the little queen try to pay her homage, each of them in their own way.

Three different bodies come together to explore all the spokes of the bicycle.


Acrobatic bike show

35 minutes - 3 artists



Whatever you imagine, we can make it come true. Fire or LED shows, fireworks, walkabout animation…

Just tell us what you wish and we will be happy to make it happen!


Customized show – adapted to the event and the place. From 2 to 7 artists.



Ce dont vous rêvez, nous pouvons sans doute le réaliser. Spectacles de feu, lumineux, artifices, jongleurs en déambulation,...

Demandez, nous serons ravis de pouvoir vous aider.

Spectacle sur mesure - adaptable selon l'événement et le lieu - de 2 à 7 artistes.




Our artists/animators will arrive at your event with a suitcase full of skills! We will offer to the small ones (and the big ones) a possibility to learn different techniques, such as: diabolo, ball juggling, plate spinning, devil stick, club juggling, scarves, rola-bola, fun wheels etc.



Our artists/animators offer a ball-making workshop, coupled with a small introduction to juggling balls. Children will be delighted to go home with the balls they have made... and maybe they will develop a new passion?

3 hours of animation – 2 different formulas can be combined - min. 1 animator per formula.






September 18-19 - Led There Be Light - Cabaret O'Carré

September 26 - Led There Be Light - Magestic Cabaret

August 22 - Rock N 'Fire - Festibal Masqué

August 21 - Led There Be Light - Festibal Masqué

June 24 - Led There Be Light - Guiguette de Tours

February 25 - Wanderings - Carnival of Eden

January 31 - Rock N 'Fire - Boekelberg Party


December 21 - 2 Guys a Flame - Tourcoing

December 15 - 2 Guys a Woman - Wormout

December 14 - Led There Be Light - Dunkirk

December 7 - 2 Guys a Woman - Falaise

September 1 - Stroll - Farciennes

July 20 - à la Carte - Guinguette de Forest

July 6 - Rock n 'Fire - Night at Wolvendael Park

June 16 - On the Saddle Or Almost! - Braderie du Merlo

March 5 - Jugglers' stroll - Carnival of Eden

February 23 - On the Saddle, Or Almost! - AutoWorld MNF

February 17 - Led There Be Light - Serenade by Koekelberg


December 21 - Led There Be Light - Ixelles Hospital

December 21 - Rock n 'Fire - Laeken

December 19 - A la Carte - Laeken

December 15 - Led There Be Light - Quai du Hainaut

December 14 - Rock n 'Fire - Neder-Over-Henbeek

December 8 - Circus initiation - Waterloo

December 7 - Rock n 'Fire - Place de la chapelle

December 6 - Bright Ideas - Château St Anne

December 2 - Circus initiation - Ixelles Hospital

December 1 - Led There Be Light - Reims

November 30 - Rock n 'Fire - Square Ambriorix

September 29 - Led There Be Light - Guinguette de Forest

September 18 - On the Saddle, Or Almost! - Street Arts Festival

September 16 - On the Saddle, Or Almost! - Immediate boarding

September 15-16 - On the Saddle, Or Almost! - Car-free day

September 14 - Led There Be Light - Aperitif of the Valley

September 8 - Led There Be Light - Harby Festival

September 1 - Led There Be Light - Jette mirror square

August 18 - Itinérance- Wolvendael Park

August 11 - Deux Gars une Flamme - Guiguette de Forest

June 17 - On the Saddle, or almost! - Atomium

May 30 - On the Saddle, or almost! - Vollenbike

May 20 - Itinérance- Tornades Festival. Dour

May 19 - Let there be light - Jam in Jette

May 5 - Disco Clubs - Vanderborght Neighbors Day

April 20 - Disco Clubs - Private event

March 30 - Fire Duet - Laeken Fair

March 21 - Disco Clubs - Midis-Minuits de la Jongle'rue

March 9 - Fire Duet - Gedinne

March 3 - Let There Be Light - Museum Night Fever

February 22 - Let There Be Light - Laeken neighborhood contract

February 13 - A la carte - Eden Parade

January 12 - Fire Trio - Goguette Elisa January 6 - Fire Trio - Warms Voorsteling




Diffusion : Remi +32 478 34 84 76


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